Note to self: don’t run out of anti-nausea pills.

Well, it’s been a lousy day so far, but it’s getting better.

Just before I went out of town for the wedding last weekend, I checked my anti-nausea pill supply:  8 pills.  Okay, that’s… just barely enough to get me through the weekend, but I can do it if I’m careful.  Better idea – the bottle says “1 refill”, so let’s go get that done!

On Saturday before our flight, we head down to the pharmacy to find out that there’s a problem with the insurance, and we need the doctor to call in some further authorization – to the refill he already authorized.  *sigh*  I ask how much it would be just to buy the (generic) pills without insurance, and the price is in the hundreds.  *double sigh*  “Oh well, we have an appointment on Monday when we’re back, and we’ll get it sorted then – it’s not ideal, but I can last the weekend”, I think.  And I did – came back with a couple of pills to spare.

Monday arrives – and oh, what a day that was.  Wake up @3:30am in California, at the airport by 4:30am, and back in Seattle with enough time to grab a quick bite of sustenance and off to the Doc!  I can not describe how tired I was, and I will not even attempt it.

So the Doc (and/or the awesome nursing staff) makes some calls and comes back saying that he thinks that will work, but the insurance industry can sometimes be weird and cryptic – but give it a try.  By the time I got out of there, it was after 4pm, and I’d been up for over 12 hours (with ~2 hours of sleep the night before) – so I didn’t rush off to get the prescription filled.  I still had 3 pills left, one for that night, and two for the next day.  Or so I thought.  (I had thrown in a few tylenol to the pill bottle when I traveled, so it wasn’t evident at a glance exactly how many of the little tiny white anti-nausea pills were in there)

Crap.  Yesterday morning, I took a pill, like normal.  I went, got my treatment, and came home.  Around 7pm, we start talking about dinner – Indian food (mild, not spicy), and I started thinking about taking that Zofran, but we still haven’t gone to the pharmacy.  My awesome wife offered to run out while the delivery was on its way, and off to the pharmacy she went!  Yay!

20 minutes later, I get a phone call that they’re still denying it.  Arrrgh!

20 minutes later, I add the following comment to my personal journal:

7:45pm I am now realizing that Indian food /may/ have been a mistake.

No pill last night, no pill this morning.  I won’t suffer you any more detail than that, other than to say it wasn’t horrible, but it was far from comfortable.  This is the first time I showed up to my treatment happy that it was a bit earlier in the morning, and really looking forward to my daily pre-meds (intravenous anti-nausea meds, among other things).

First thing when I walked in, they got right on the job of contacting the insurance company and got it all sorted out.  I’m happy to say that I took an anti-nausea pill about an hour ago, and I’m feeling much better.  Tired, bloated, and still a bit funny in my tummy, but so much better than I felt at 8:30am today.

Hope y’all are doing well too!

– C