Mother-effin’ CYBORG!

Chris got his port put in on Wednesday. It’s an outpatient surgery, so we were back at the familiar day-surgery wing at Northwest, with Dr. Denevan at the surgical helm. We both liked Dr. Denevan very much, as well as the anesthesiologist. We were both starving though, as they surgery was at 2:30pm, and they told Chris not to eat anything after midnight. In a show of solidarity (YOU FOOL!), I opted to not eat until he went into surgery.
We were supposed to go in at 1pm, but they called at 11am and asked if we could come in early, at noon, as they were running ahead of schedule. Great! I get to eat sooner! So we head in…and they pretty much reverted us to the original schedule. The doctor didn’t come see us until 2pm–that was a lot of lying around in a gown for Chris, and me trying not to talk about or otherwise obsess over how hungry and grumpy I was feeling. When they wheeled him off, I went straight to the cafeteria for a sub-par sandwich and some iced tea. Ahhhh.

They did twilight sleep on him this time, so he wasn’t all the way under, but enough to not really be fully aware of anything; and as far as what he remembered after, it’s nil. But he recovered more quickly, so didn’t have to spend any time in post-surgery Recovery Room, and was straight back into the Day Surgery Unit for me to hang out with him.

Got home by 4pm and relaxed the rest of the day. His whole arm and shoulder felt like he had been punched hard, but other than that it was smooth sailing. Now we have oxycodone to add to our hydrocodone supply. It’s still sooooo strange to think they will be using that port on Monday, so soon after surgery.

Here is what it looks like in relief: