Kenneth Thomas, Jr. 2/20/62 – 4/26/2012

Ken at Disney World for his 50th Birthday

For those who have been asking, I can now report that my big brother Ken passed away yesterday. This week they knew it wouldn’t be long before they had to make a call on removing the various assistive machines he was on. My sister was at his bedside asking him for a sign about what to do, and within an hour the ventilator indicated he stopped breathing on his own.

They removed all the equipment, passed around a bootleg Kahlua and put some in his mouth, and said a prayer around him. He passed “tasting rainbows”, as my sister put it, as they put him on the highest level of morphine possible without stopping his heart; so he was feeling no pain as he passed from this life. Thanks to all who have been going through this part of the journey with me. I am glad he is at peace.