First chemo – live blog!

We are here at the PNWCC at NW Hospital. The cyborg has been plugged in, taking on saline and STEROIDS! Hell yeah!



Pre-treatment drugs

1 liter of saline + magnesium and potassium
Hydration and flushing kidneys while replacing electrolytes
2 hours, pushed alongside all treatments

Step 1
Dexamethasone (aka Decadeon) – steroid
Granisetron (aka Kytril) – anti-nausea
Time pushed = approx 20 min

Step 2
Fosaprepitant (aka Emend) – anti-nausea (effects last 3 days)
Time pushed = approx 30 min

Actual chemo drugs

Step 3
Cisplatin – chemo
Furosemide (aka Lasix) – diuretic
Time pushed = 1-2 hours

Step 4
VP-16 (aka Etoposide) – chemo
Time pushed = 1 hour

No cell phone service here, as we are in the basement/ground level of the building. But the Google+ app allows for messaging, so we chatted with some friends for a little bit when things got rolling.

The view from Chris’ chair

The view from my chair

Where they mix the drugs

The drug tree pumping life saving poisons (I almost typo’d “life saving poissons”, but iPad doesn’t recognize the veracity of life-giving French seafood)

We are both sleepy and bored a bit. Been here since 9:30am. Lalala…


Up close and personal with cisplatin. We are particularly amused by the expiration date…