Feeling pretty wretched

I’m feeling pretty wretched right now, but I’m really happy to know that this is the last round I’m going through, and the last time I’ll be on the downward slope of this roller coaster.  I know it’ll be a while until I feel myself again, and a longer while until I’m back to 100% – but emotionally it feels good to know that slow climb will begin soon.  A few weeks, soon.

That is all.  I hope y’all are doing well, and thanks for all the kind words in the past couple of days!

One thought on “Feeling pretty wretched

  1. Chris,

    I’m so proud and inspired by the way you’ve approached this experience in your life. I celebrate who you are, the gifts you have in your life, the people you’ve loved and supported and who now can give back to you, and the strength and introspection you’ve allowed into this crazy, unanticipated space this spring. You did it! I’m grateful for what comes, and I love you.

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