Day 3 – Shay’s view (now with pics!)

Chris is a rock star, number 1. He is moving through this week with a lot of courage and humor, and is really taking his time to check in with me, keep me informed, and be loving even when he is feeling tired and unmotivated. How lucky am I?

Today I had to sit in an “uncomfy” chair all day. Hey, I suppose that is a shitty complaint considering the reason all the comfy chairs were that they were taken up by people with, you know, CANCER. But my back is kinda killing me this afternoon after three hours of trying to get comfortable in a chair which was probably banned by the government in 1995 for bad ergonomic design. Mostly I crocheted. I walked way over to the cafeteria to get us some breakfast, which is NOT nearby the clinic–quite a hike. Don’t they know I wore my SITTIN’ shoes, not my WALKIN’ shoes? Again, who am I to complain when I can jump up and walk all that way anytime I want. But there it is.

It was nice of Angela to come and visit on her lunch break! That was a treat.

When we left it was sunny outside. Ahhh. Lazy afternoon together. Got Chris to eat a little something, and we are relaxing and playing WoW together to pass some time. Too bad the WiFi at the hospital couldn’t support us playing there. Then treatment time would really fly!

Will post a few pics on this post a little later. They are on my iPad in another room.
He are some pics to commemorate day 3:

We have arrived, a little more tired today:

View from the new location today:

A panoramic shot of the room with Chris’ phone: