CT Scan and Preliminary Results

Yesterday we went in to get Chris his CT scan and chest Xray.  It was specifically scheduled at this time–at the end of the 2nd round and just prior to the beginning of the 3rd round–to determine if the therapies are working.  They compare the first CT’s with the new CT’s and see if the tumors are shrinking as they expect. If they are not, then they look into several options, the most common including a 4th round of chemo, radiation, or surgery.

Chris had to drink that nasty barium slurry *gag* which apparently was attempting to taste like fruit juice of some kind. Even thinned with water, he said it took a good length of time to get it down, and a lot of constitutional fortitude to keep it down. “It was a close call there a few times,” he admitted. UGH!!

But he made it and we got the scans all done. I got to read a children’s book called “How do you make your insides smile for the camera?” It was a book explaining to children about MRI procedures, what the machines do, and suggestions for how to sit still for so long (“You might imagine yourself like a circus performer being shot out of a gun!”). I also got lots of compliments on my adorable new shoes (I don’t have a problem, leave me alone, I can quit any time) as I waited, so I was entertained.

The day proceeded to be slow with lots of discomfort for Chris’ system trying to get rid of the barium crap (BLECH!!) The cool thing was that they could use his “POWER PORT RAAAAAAWR!!!” to inject the resist material into his blood stream. Very handy to not get poked in the arm yet again. I can’t imagine people who don’t have ports and all the poking and prodding and bruising and issues that come along with it when you have literally months of getting poked regularly!

In the afternoon, Chris got a voicemail from Dr. Birchfield’s office. The woman said the preliminary CT results look very good. Yes, she said VERY!!  To me, this means things are progressing as expected and that this round of chemo will be his final cycle. This is awesome news!!  We won’t know exactly what the results are of course until we see Dr. B on Monday, but it gets me a little giddy whenever I think of it, since the spectre of possibly more chemo or surgery was a very real thing hanging out in a tiny cloud over our heads.

This is additionally joy-making because we are hoping to get in on one of the Disney Alaska cruises this summer, space allowing for employees of course. The ships are launching from Seattle this season for the first, and possibly only, time for 7-day cruises and we had been talking about trying to hop one since before the chemo diagnosis.  Presuming Chris’ CT scan is as good as it sounds, and he powers through this final cycle with as much moxie and strength as he has so far (GO CHRIS, GO!), we may be able to hop a late July or August sailing (again, if space is available for us to get in there) and celebrate his recovery!

So a spot of good news from the Moore’s this week. I am smiling in my heart as I write it. Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we approach Monday’s diagnosis and hopefully the final “on week” of Chris chemo. Chemo is cumulative, so this promises to be the toughest round yet, so all your good juju is especially helpful in the coming week. I can’t express how proud I am of Chris, and how blessed I feel because of all of YOU amazing friends and family who have been holding him up through all this. Let’s kick this cancer’s ass once and for all, and then CELEBRATE!