CT results…

Last Friday, I had a CT scan and X-Ray for the first time since the chemotherapy started. I’m starting my third (three week) course today, so Friday was the end of my sixth week.

This morning, I met with my oncologist to discuss the results. The largest tumors I have originally started out at 5cm, which put me right on the line between stage 2 and stage 3 – and the hope was that they’d have shrunk to 3cm or below by now. As the doc told me a couple of weeks ago, if they were still 3cm or larger, we’d need to start talking about other options (i.e., more chemo and/or surgery). If they got to below 3cm, it meant I was responding well to the therapy. So, that is the metric – 3cm.


Just one additional appointment - the follow up in two-months time. Photo added by Shay

Good news! According to the doc, not only are my tumors shrunk down to approximately 1cm – he said if someone was to look at the CT results without the benefit of knowing about previous scans, they probably wouldn’t see any problem.

So, this next three weeks should be my last course of chemotherapy treatment, and I’ll follow up with another CT scan in the fall. I’m finally starting to look forward to being done with chemo – though I really wonder how long it will be until I can feel good again. Might be a couple of months, might be closer to a year. I’m hoping for the former. 😉

– C

11 thoughts on “CT results…

  1. Allof those little tumors’ little asses are kicked. No chance of letting up on their little asses. Kick them hard, harder now that they are diminutive. Decimate their very existence and take no prisoners. (There is a whole lot of love and care in this cry for war on the sub 2 mm objects of derision.)

  2. Way to go Chris! All this is only a temporary nuisance. I can tell you from experience that about a month after your last treatment the fog will start to lift. Here’s to a speedy recovery and long happy life with normal, happy, testicles!!!

  3. Truly awesome news! I couldn’t be more thrilled for you. I love hearing great news like this!

  4. It’s like bullseyeing womp rats in your T-16 back home. They arn’t much bigger than 1cm. So man your ship and may the Force be with you.

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