Chemo Day 5 Update – more excellent care!

Back again on a relatively slow Friday morning. Getting up early is not my favorite, but I got used to it as the week wore on. Sitting with Chris, chilling out, kicking cancer’s ass…you know, the usual.

Friends have been some coming over this week and keeping Chris company while his energy is low, and freeing me up to go teach and run errands without my worrying mind being half at home. Thanks and love to James for coming to a boys night at our house this week, and to Heidi hanging out with Chris Monday and last night, as well as feeding us delicious pizza last night!

We continue to have awesome nurses here at PSCC. They really listen to Chris when he explains the ins and outs of how he is feeling, and take time to check in and chat. While I do NOT want to have on weeks more often, I feel like I will miss them in the off weeks.

Mr. man continues to slay me with his handsome visage daily.

Our nurse today, Susan. She knits and quilts so we had a nice chat this morning. So far every nurse has been a knitter, crocheter, or other fiber arts aficionado.

And this is Mr. Cecil Cisplatin, Esq. He is an IV bag that fights epic battles. I made him for Chris this week, and Susan took special care to make sure he hung with his other IV bag buddies, right where Chris would be able to see him best.

Glad to be on that last day of the On Week. He gets his access removed today, which is wild to think about. Hopefully the exhaustion and nausea will be improved in the next couple days, and Chris will have a couple weeks to recoup before the next On Week!

Per Angela’s request, Mr. Cecil now has a weapon. She requested a sword, but for a stealth fighter like Mr. Cecil, I thought nunchucks more appropriate. Hyah!