Chemo Day 2 – keeping’ the faith

Back in the saddle today. They are doubling up the pumps on Chris in hopes that they can push his 3 drugs plus saline simultaneously and save him a little time. We are still looking at 4-5 hours in here all told, but that’s better than pushing up toward 6 hours, since he gets an additional drug today, his bleomyicin which he takes once a week.


Here is the double pump action (sounds dirty!)

A shot of his port access with a little blood in it. Ew! They flush it with a little saline every day, and pull back to make sure blood can come back through, confirming nothing is clotted. The weirdest part? He can kinda “taste” it when they flush the line. I will let him explain that in a post of his own…

And here are our sweet nurses. They are awesome about explaining every step, why and how they are doing it, bringing him water and checking in on him. Angels!