A remarkably similar story…

So today I have been doing some research on what to expect for Chris in the third round of chemo and beyond. We have been talking in the abstract about our summer plans “after chemo”, uncertain how long it will take for him to feel like he is on the mend. So I figured seeing what other people may have written about their personal experiences would reveal.

In that search, I found this blog: http://austinelling.us/content/testicular-cancer-beginning

In it, blogger Austin Elling gives a concise rundown of each stage of his testicular cancer journey, from diagnosis, through surgery, sperm banking, and each of the three rounds of chemo.  It’s a pretty easy read without too much detail, but enough to get the story across. Sounds like his symptoms in general surround chemo were more intense than Chris’ have been, but it is striking how his story and his wife’s perspective (also shared in the blog) unfolded so similarly to ours. Check it out if you’re interested!

Nurses amaze me…

We were in the office today for Chris’ labs, weekly doctor followup, and Bleo treatment.  It’s a “short day” by all standards, only taking about 90 minutes in the chair, maybe 30 minutes for the labs and doctor’s chat.  Wednesdays are ridiculously busy every week we have been there, with every chair full. So luckily sitting in the hard back guest seats isn’t so bad on short days.

We had a bit of a wait in the lobby before being admitted, however, which means I got some quality PUZZLE TIME!  There is a puzzle table which resides smack in the middle of the waiting room, where you can pass the time before visits, or even during if you want.  I enjoy puzzles very much, always have, but it is an extra treat when sweet little old ladies who are in for their treatments sit down next to me and we chat about this and that as we work. Continue reading

Lots to catch up on!

It’s been a little while since we posted anything. Not because nothing has been happening, but because a lot has been happening and it’s been hard to find time and motivation to post. But we have been thinking about all our friends and family reading this blog and wanted to post some pics and talk a bit about what all has been going on in Casa del Moore.

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Chemo Day 5 Update – more excellent care!

Back again on a relatively slow Friday morning. Getting up early is not my favorite, but I got used to it as the week wore on. Sitting with Chris, chilling out, kicking cancer’s ass…you know, the usual.

Friends have been some coming over this week and keeping Chris company while his energy is low, and freeing me up to go teach and run errands without my worrying mind being half at home. Thanks and love to James for coming to a boys night at our house this week, and to Heidi hanging out with Chris Monday and last night, as well as feeding us delicious pizza last night!
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Day 4 Chemo – Shay’s Pics

Just a couple pics today!

Chris looking good, even when he’s not feeling good.

Our nurse today, Cathy. Love her. Been in the business for 28 years, and has been through chemo herself. She had a great manner, listened well, gave good personal info.

Cathy did say something somewhat ominous. As she was unhooking Chris when he was finished, apropos of nothing she asked, “So how do you like your hair? Right now? You like it, don’t you?” *sigh* At least it opened a brief discussion about when he is likely to start losing his hair. She said 2-3 weeks, and that most everyone reports a burning sensation on their scalp the day before it begins. So there’s that…

Day 4 chemo update

Howdy all,

Today I woke up feeling … rough.  Not terrible, but rough.  My first thought was that I was going to have to be sick, but I wasn’t – so that’s good I suppose.  I slept 10 hours last night, but still woke up feeling unrested.  Bleh.

I’m in the chair now, and I’m not sure if they’ve got me on the Cisplatin or Etoposide first today.  So far, each day has been just a little bit faster than the day before, and I’m hoping today is similar.  They’ve got me sped up a little to 1250 ml/hour on the double pump today, so maybe I’ll get out of here 9.2% faster.

Right now, I can’t think of what else to write.

– Chris

[ Update: 12:36pm ]

Well, today is nearly done – I’m on my last 10 minutes of Cisplatin now.  Dr. Birchfield came by for a visit today and met Sharon for the first time.  She was out of town with her brother when I met him initially.  Just a quick chat – we’ve got an appt. next week.

They’re getting prepared to flush the port now, so I’ve got to put the laptop down.  Mostly today has just been tired, feeling a little worse than yesterday and tired of it all, already.  With any luck, it’ll be easier next week, when I don’t have to come in every day.



Day 3 – Shay’s view (now with pics!)

Chris is a rock star, number 1. He is moving through this week with a lot of courage and humor, and is really taking his time to check in with me, keep me informed, and be loving even when he is feeling tired and unmotivated. How lucky am I?

Today I had to sit in an “uncomfy” chair all day. Hey, I suppose that is a shitty complaint considering the reason all the comfy chairs were that they were taken up by people with, you know, CANCER. But my back is kinda killing me this afternoon after three hours of trying to get comfortable in a chair which was probably banned by the government in 1995 for bad ergonomic design. Mostly I crocheted. I walked way over to the cafeteria to get us some breakfast, which is NOT nearby the clinic–quite a hike. Don’t they know I wore my SITTIN’ shoes, not my WALKIN’ shoes? Again, who am I to complain when I can jump up and walk all that way anytime I want. But there it is.

It was nice of Angela to come and visit on her lunch break! That was a treat.

When we left it was sunny outside. Ahhh. Lazy afternoon together. Got Chris to eat a little something, and we are relaxing and playing WoW together to pass some time. Too bad the WiFi at the hospital couldn’t support us playing there. Then treatment time would really fly!

Will post a few pics on this post a little later. They are on my iPad in another room.
He are some pics to commemorate day 3:

We have arrived, a little more tired today:

View from the new location today:

A panoramic shot of the room with Chris’ phone:

Day three : almost done with chemo for today

Well, I’ve got about 40ml left to go of the Cisplatin, and then I get to go home.  I’m going to try to take a nap, I think.

None of the symptoms (so far) are anywhere near as drastic as I had feared, which is a good thing.  They’re a little more insidious, I think – creeping in slowly, lasting a little longer, coming earlier in the day.  Less energy than yesterday.  Headache is still there, hugging the back part of my brain just a little too tight.

2 ml to go, so I’m signing off.


I’m ready for my port to be flushed.

– C