A remarkably similar story…

So today I have been doing some research on what to expect for Chris in the third round of chemo and beyond. We have been talking in the abstract about our summer plans “after chemo”, uncertain how long it will take for him to feel like he is on the mend. So I figured seeing what other people may have written about their personal experiences would reveal.

In that search, I found this blog: http://austinelling.us/content/testicular-cancer-beginning

In it, blogger Austin Elling gives a concise rundown of each stage of his testicular cancer journey, from diagnosis, through surgery, sperm banking, and each of the three rounds of chemo.  It’s a pretty easy read without too much detail, but enough to get the story across. Sounds like his symptoms in general surround chemo were more intense than Chris’ have been, but it is striking how his story and his wife’s perspective (also shared in the blog) unfolded so similarly to ours. Check it out if you’re interested!

How To Care For a Friend or Family Member With Cancer

This week is an “off week” for Chris–that means only one infusion this week, rather than 5 or 6. So here is a little wisdom I read about how to care for a loved one with cancer that I thought was well considered.

Giving Support When A Loved One Has Cancer

by Lisa Fayed

Giving emotional support to a loved one with cancer is not easy. There is just nothing simple about it. Of, course you want to be there for your loved one, but at the same time, it hurts. Keep in mind that your strength will make them even stronger.

Just how do you give support and how do you give it without breaking down?

Listen With You Heart, and Not Your Ears

When your loved one talks about their cancer, listen. Really listen. Sometimes, it is not what you say, it is what you do. Listening is one of the best ways to show you care. If your loved one wants to rant and rave about how unfair life is or whatever is on his or her mind, let it be. We need to have emotional outbursts every once in a while to vent our feelings. Knowing they have a shoulder to cry on is such a comfort. Continue reading

Foods to avoid during chemo

As well as what foods to favor! Here are some resources for our future reference.