Nurses amaze me…

We were in the office today for Chris’ labs, weekly doctor followup, and Bleo treatment.  It’s a “short day” by all standards, only taking about 90 minutes in the chair, maybe 30 minutes for the labs and doctor’s chat.  Wednesdays are ridiculously busy every week we have been there, with every chair full. So luckily sitting in the hard back guest seats isn’t so bad on short days.

We had a bit of a wait in the lobby before being admitted, however, which means I got some quality PUZZLE TIME!  There is a puzzle table which resides smack in the middle of the waiting room, where you can pass the time before visits, or even during if you want.  I enjoy puzzles very much, always have, but it is an extra treat when sweet little old ladies who are in for their treatments sit down next to me and we chat about this and that as we work. Continue reading

Kenneth Thomas, Jr. 2/20/62 – 4/26/2012

Ken at Disney World for his 50th Birthday

For those who have been asking, I can now report that my big brother Ken passed away yesterday. This week they knew it wouldn’t be long before they had to make a call on removing the various assistive machines he was on. My sister was at his bedside asking him for a sign about what to do, and within an hour the ventilator indicated he stopped breathing on his own.

They removed all the equipment, passed around a bootleg Kahlua and put some in his mouth, and said a prayer around him. He passed “tasting rainbows”, as my sister put it, as they put him on the highest level of morphine possible without stopping his heart; so he was feeling no pain as he passed from this life. Thanks to all who have been going through this part of the journey with me. I am glad he is at peace.

Dinner with friends

On Saturday night we went to dinner with Jim, Michelle, and Jim’s sister Kelly who was visiting from out of town. We went to Saffron Grill, which is very near our home, and features Indian and Mediterranean fare.

It was lovely catching up with Kelly, who we hadn’t seen since late 2011, and hang with J n M. But the real piece de resistance was the dessert they brought us at the end. Of course we made Chris pose with them it. And no, this was not planned in any way; just a hilarious coincidence. Chris rolled his eyes the entire time.