Day 4 Chemo – Shay’s Pics

Just a couple pics today!

Chris looking good, even when he’s not feeling good.

Our nurse today, Cathy. Love her. Been in the business for 28 years, and has been through chemo herself. She had a great manner, listened well, gave good personal info.

Cathy did say something somewhat ominous. As she was unhooking Chris when he was finished, apropos of nothing she asked, “So how do you like your hair? Right now? You like it, don’t you?” *sigh* At least it opened a brief discussion about when he is likely to start losing his hair. She said 2-3 weeks, and that most everyone reports a burning sensation on their scalp the day before it begins. So there’s that…

Foods to avoid during chemo

As well as what foods to favor! Here are some resources for our future reference.

Day 3 – Shay’s view (now with pics!)

Chris is a rock star, number 1. He is moving through this week with a lot of courage and humor, and is really taking his time to check in with me, keep me informed, and be loving even when he is feeling tired and unmotivated. How lucky am I?

Today I had to sit in an “uncomfy” chair all day. Hey, I suppose that is a shitty complaint considering the reason all the comfy chairs were that they were taken up by people with, you know, CANCER. But my back is kinda killing me this afternoon after three hours of trying to get comfortable in a chair which was probably banned by the government in 1995 for bad ergonomic design. Mostly I crocheted. I walked way over to the cafeteria to get us some breakfast, which is NOT nearby the clinic–quite a hike. Don’t they know I wore my SITTIN’ shoes, not my WALKIN’ shoes? Again, who am I to complain when I can jump up and walk all that way anytime I want. But there it is.

It was nice of Angela to come and visit on her lunch break! That was a treat.

When we left it was sunny outside. Ahhh. Lazy afternoon together. Got Chris to eat a little something, and we are relaxing and playing WoW together to pass some time. Too bad the WiFi at the hospital couldn’t support us playing there. Then treatment time would really fly!

Will post a few pics on this post a little later. They are on my iPad in another room.
He are some pics to commemorate day 3:

We have arrived, a little more tired today:

View from the new location today:

A panoramic shot of the room with Chris’ phone:

Chemo Day 2 – keeping’ the faith

Back in the saddle today. They are doubling up the pumps on Chris in hopes that they can push his 3 drugs plus saline simultaneously and save him a little time. We are still looking at 4-5 hours in here all told, but that’s better than pushing up toward 6 hours, since he gets an additional drug today, his bleomyicin which he takes once a week.

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Mother-effin’ CYBORG!

Chris got his port put in on Wednesday. It’s an outpatient surgery, so we were back at the familiar day-surgery wing at Northwest, with Dr. Denevan at the surgical helm. We both liked Dr. Denevan very much, as well as the anesthesiologist. We were both starving though, as they surgery was at 2:30pm, and they told Chris not to eat anything after midnight. In a show of solidarity (YOU FOOL!), I opted to not eat until he went into surgery.
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Dinner with friends

On Saturday night we went to dinner with Jim, Michelle, and Jim’s sister Kelly who was visiting from out of town. We went to Saffron Grill, which is very near our home, and features Indian and Mediterranean fare.

It was lovely catching up with Kelly, who we hadn’t seen since late 2011, and hang with J n M. But the real piece de resistance was the dessert they brought us at the end. Of course we made Chris pose with them it. And no, this was not planned in any way; just a hilarious coincidence. Chris rolled his eyes the entire time.


Chemo pushed back, all is well

Hello friends,

Chris asked me to send an update to everyone today, and here is the latest from the Moores:

For those who didn’t know, I had to leave town very suddenly last week. My eldest brother, Ken, is very critically ill in a hospital in Oklahoma as we speak. He crashed very hard last Thursday, and they were speculating about imminent death; so I was showered, packed and on a flight within 45 minutes, not knowing if I would even be in time. I was, though it has been a very difficult few days for him. He has not stabilized by any stretch, but he is not so bad off as he was. I got to see him and talk with him a little while he was still a bit aware and able to mumble to us occasionally. After the first day I was there, he had to be intubated (not as a life-saving measure, thank goodness, but because he needed help achieving better breathing) and is not aware most of the time right now due to pain meds and anti-anxiety meds. Continue reading

The First Oncology Appointment

Hello beloved family and friends,

I know many of you have been waiting on an update on Chris this week. Thanks so much for your mails and texts and outpouring of love and support. This week feels like a year has passed, it’s just so much at once, but your kindness and positive words have kept our spirits up.

So first, Chris is recovering well from surgery. It’s taking longer than we thought (so much of the paperwork was like “You might want to take the day off from work.” No shit? How about the rest of the week!), and he is still in a fair amount of pain; but that has mainly to do with the fact that the muscles where the incision was made are so integral to every kind of movement, and it is a 4″+ incision. So whether he is sitting, laying, or walking, it is easily strained…even laughing hurts. So he moves very slowly and nurses the pain with percocet and ice. Continue reading

This orchiectomy is RADICAL!

Tuesday at 6am is a pretty fucked up time to have to be anyplace. But at a hospital to have surgery to remove a testicle through your groin has got to be one of the Top 10 Worst Places To Be At Any Time of Day. The procedure at least has a totally awesome name: Radical Orchiectomy. Sounds badass, right?

The Totem Pole Entrance

We didn’t sleep much the night before, and then were out of bed at 5am to shower, dress, and head in to the Day Surgery wing at Northwest Hospital (aka “The Totem Pole Entrance”). You know how dark it is at 6am around this time of year? Darker than a coal miner’s lunchpail. And it was raining. And we were tired. And grumpy. And scared. Dammit. Continue reading